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I just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the people that have contacted me to say how much they are enjoying the blog and have taken the time to give me so much encouragement to keep writing.

I’m quite good at showing a confident, self-assured front, but I am not so good at believing it, so your positive feedback has meant the world to me. Really. I can’t quite tell you how much.

For my little Facebook Army – you can leave comments on here you know! Don’t be shy! It’s always lovely to hear what you’ve thought about something or for you to throw in your two pennies worth.

And in response to a frequently asked question: I don’t know whether I’m going to take this further, flattered as I am by the suggestion. I’m still playing around with this writing business and seeing where it takes me. So who knows?

Watch this space I guess.

(and keep telling me whether or not it’s all rubbish!)

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